Health Initiative

Health Initiative

Our health initiative is centred on helping people who are facing serious health problems. We sponsor genuine surgical operations in Nigeria. This way, we are able to prevent needless loss of life. We are committed to raising awareness for living an healthy life and ways to prevent certain diseases by organising health education programmes for children and adults.

Currently, we run an Health Centre at Fiditi Grammar School, Fiditi, Oyo state.

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Our Vision

ENABLING THE UNABLE… Making life better for the poor. With a passion for God and compassion for people.

Mission Statement

1. To eradicate poverty, inequality and injustice throughout the world;
2. To educate and engage the public concerning the causes, effects and means of eradication of poverty and injustice.
3. To strengthen the capacity and action of non-profit organisations to assert their rights and overcome causes and symptoms of poverty and injustice.